Пълната галерия от снимки от ендуро уикенда в Гърция през декември. Два дни изпълнени със силно каране, добра компания и много веселба!      ГАЛЕРИЯ
Spring is around the corner and with it comes the fourth edition of Enduro Warriors Challenge – the first round of the Bulgarian Enduro Series (www.race-series.com) for 2016. The location of the competition remains unchanged – Ksilifor, Veliko Tarnovo, and the dates are 28th – 30th April. Get ready for one special Easter edition of […]
Bike Bulgaria
Biking Bulgaria By Herb Kavet I assumed Bulgaria was a Balkan backwater. A group of cycling friends suggested going there so I joined them with minimal research as to what the country really offered. The first surprise was Sofia, the capital: not a run down former communist city drab and crumbly but a vibrant throbbing […]