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Rodopi and Stara Planina mountains


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March - November


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This is a long weekend trip designed for the lovers of natural terrain and long single tracks. Both locations prove to be some of the best destinations for all mountain biking in Bulgaria. On the one hand, the trails in Varvara are highly diverse – combining routes with high flow and technical rocky sections. This destination serves as a nice warm up for the trails in Sliven, where the routes are rougher and include many rocky and loose scree sections, which comes as no surprise as they are located in Blue Rocks nature park. 

In addition to the great riding, superb mountain views and beautiful nature, you will have the pleasure to soothe your bodies in the natural mineral springs of Varvara and taste the excellent craft beer that Sliven town has to offer. 

Trip highlights


Transfer (1.30h) from Sofia to Varvara village. Start the ride with a warm up ride uphill to the first trail. Later on we will use the van to go higher – 1600m and do several long descends on versatile trails. After the ride we will enjoy a deserved dip in the mineral pools at our hotel.


We will start the day with 2 more runs in Varvara and then drive to Sliven (2.30h). After arriving we will start our exploration of the exciting trails of Blue Rock Nature park and do 2 runs. The evening is deserved for good food, craft beer and a party in the local rock bar.

The epicness continues with riding the rocky trails of Sliven – Kutelka, The Barrel, Chatalka, Mollova and others. The length varies between 4 and 7km and the vertical drop is always nearly 700m. At the end of the riding day transfer back to Sofia.

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