Bike Bulgaria
Biking Bulgaria By Herb Kavet I assumed Bulgaria was a Balkan backwater. A group of cycling friends suggested going there so I joined them with minimal research as to what the country really offered. The first surprise was Sofia, the capital: not a run down former communist city drab and crumbly but a vibrant throbbing […]
It is the middle of November but temperatures in Bulgaria are still high up to 20C. Great conditions for mountain biking and having fun on our favorite trails. Take a look at some pictures we made last Friday shredding a gnarly trail near Zhelyava village just 20 min drive from Sofia city center.
We just returned from a tailor made cross country trip covering three of the most attractive mountains in Bulgaria – Rila, Pirin and Rodopi. During these seven days our client from Denmark Henrik enjoyed varied mountain scenery, local hospitality…