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Blago Enduro trails

This small zone has developed over the years as one of the most popular and easy to access trail areas for enduro and all-mountain riding.

Blagoevgrad gained its popularity as the host of the most visited Enduro races in Bulgaria and our team was deeply involved in its creation.

It features 5 hand-built and well maintained trails which are fast to shuttle and very fun to ride.

Suitable for riders of all levels, the trails have fast flowy sections, combined with nice berms, switchbacks and some steeper more technical sections. 

Due to the hot weather and sandy terrain the trails of Blago are not a great choice during the heat of the summer. Rather, they are ideal for riding during the months of early spring, late summer, autumn and on many occasions, the winter.

Vitosha Mountain

The closest mountain to our capital city – Sofia, it offers a an abundance of natural and man-made trails for some great all-mountain and downhill riding.

The terrain is diverse – from alpine meadows on the highest parts, through loamy pine forests lines, to rough and rocky trails in the cool shades of the beech trees.

Most of the trails we ride are shared with hikers but with less traffic, and there are a few hand built tracks dedicated for bikers only.

Shuttle access is fast and easy with roads reaching high up in the mountain which makes it possible to do some pretty long descents.

There are options for all gravity oriented riders, as well as for those looking for a nice Cross-country exploration.

Blue Rocks Enduro, Sliven

The name gives a hint – there are lots of rocks – kind of blue, and the trails are long, picturesque and exciting. 

It takes some time to get used to the special grip of the loose and rocky surface, but the natural flow and perfect slope gradient make the trails really fun and enjoyable to ride with full speed!

Shuttle and lift supported, the area offers diverse and technical natural single tracks with lengths reaching more than 7 km and elevation drops of 700m per run.

Its mild climate and frequent winds make it suitable for riding almost all year round.

Usually we finish our ride with a visit to the local craft brewery bar where you can enjoy a variety of tasty special beers!

Vratsa Super Enduro

One of the latest additions to our destination list, Vratsa has earned a reputation as one of the most technical and unique trail areas in Bulgaria. The area is famous as the most spectacular rock climbing zone in Bulgaria and you will be surprised to find that there are so many rideable trails among the huge rock faces!

It boasts a variety of all-mountain and enduro trails with lots of natural steep rocky sections, in a combination with man built elements such as berms, jumps and drops.

Some sections are really similar to the famous Finale Ligure and you can really test your skills on riding tight,  technical switchbacks, pump through rock gardens and open the gas in the loamy forests.

The local crew put a lot of effort info building and maintaining the trails and there is always something new.

The length of the trails varies between 2 and 9 km with views from the top that are always jaw-dropping.

Zlatitsa Bike Park

This small riding zone has been a host of one of the most interesting downhill races in Bulgaria. The area boosted its presence in 2020 due to the constructions of several new enduro trails apart from the classic downhill track. 

The special soft “golden” soil, which holds really  well in rainy weather, really gives you the feeling of surfing on the trails. The trails are full of high speed chutes, natural jumps, rollers  and lots of handmade features.

There is an option to go on an adventure and climb the highest peak of the area and enjoy a real freeride blast on the descend!

Fast shuttle access to the top and friendly attitude  from the local makes this place one of our favorites.


Nestled in the foothills of the majestic Pirin Mountains, Bansko is one Bulgaria’s biggest ski resorts, which also offers a small network of great mountain bike trails suitable for all-mountain, enduro and cross-country riding.

The local community of riders are maintaining and refining the trails constantly and our team has helped with the creation of many new features and lines, during the annual enduro race preparations.

The huge pine trees and the big mountain terrain is often compared to the famous Whistler area. The trails are hand-built and very natural, featuring lots of roots, rocks and fresh loam in the high parts of the mountain with more mellow and flowy terrain in the lower sections. 

The old part of Bansko still keeps its authentic spirit and looks. We combine the great riding with some nice traditional food options as well as comfortable and bike-friendly accommodation at our trusted partners.

Varvara and Velingrad

These 2 trail areas  are nestled in the Rodopi mountains and offer a huge network of old hiking trails that are now used for mountain biking.

The length of the trails  varies between 3 and 12km and the terrain is quite diverse including lots of natural elements such as natural berms, chutes, switchbacks, flowy forest sections and more.

Although close to each other, both zones have different terrain: Varvara is more dry and rocky with small trees and bushes, while  the big pine forest in Velingrad area make the trails more soft and loamy. The access to the shorter trails is by pedaling whilst the longer trails are accessed by van shuttle and boast an elevation drop of 1000m!

A big bonus for after ride relaxation is that both areas are abundant of natural hot water springs, Velingrad being declared as the spa capital of Bulgaria!

Borovets Bike Park

Borovets bike park is the first official bike park in Bulgaria. Created in 2010 it has over 20 km of marked trails with different levels of difficulty suited for beginners and experts alike. There are 7 lift supported official routes, one of which is a UCI downhill track. You can expect fast lines with lots of roots, berms, drops and jumps.

Apart from the bike park the area of Rila mountains has lots more to offer – backcountry alpine single-tracks and other natural forest trails.

Veliko Turnovo

The beautiful old capital of Bulgaria is where enduro racing in Bulgaria started. The trails here are fun and diverse featuring lots of natural elements in combination with man-built jumps, drops, berms and more.

All of the trails are accessible by shuttle uplift  and some easy pedaling to reach the trail heads. 

Rodopi trail zones - Pamporovo Bike Park,Smolyan and Arda trail center

Although it is a bit far away from the capital Sofia the West Rodopi Mountain range is a   great mountain biking destination offering a big and versatile network of trails.

Pamporovo Bike park has a fast chair lift giving access to 6-7 tracks including two downhill runs, a flow trail and several natural enduro trails. The old pine forest are full of roots, loam and lots of speed lines.

From the top you can also ride towards the town of Smolyan and do a long descend connecting several old hiking trails that each offer a different riding experience.

Arda cycles trail center is a brand new zone developed in 2020. It is located in the village of Mogilitsa, very close to the Greek border. The trails are handbuild and have lots of wooden features, combined with flowy berms and well shaped natural terrain. 

In this area one can easily spend several day of good riding, and enjoying the authentic local food and culture.

Petrich and Sandanski

With its milder climate the far Southwest of Bulgaria is an all-season destination for mountain biking.

Petrich with Belasitsa mountain offer a good network of enduro and downhill trails – including a UCI DH track, some of which are reachable by shuttle drives. Big mountain riding is also possible and thrilling as the mountain is above 2000m high. 

Sandanski is a newly developed trail area in lower elevation with 3 trails which are short but surely fun.

Northern Greece

Northern Greece and the region around Thessaloniki is a great destination for spring, autumn and winter riding. The trail areas of Oreokastro, Velventos, Chortiatis and Xanthi have a diverse and well-maintained network of trails with different levels of difficulty which popular for their flow, air and all-round fun.

Stara Planina

Stara planina is the longest mountain in Bulgaria and has a lot of all-mountain trails to be explored. The massif which is close to Sofia is famous for several enduro trails, which are a favourite among local riders. Lokorsko, Zhelyava and Buhovo have a total of 6 trails with lengths of 3-4km each and 400-500m elevation drop. The routes are mainly natural with lots of flow and exciting  technical elements and one of the trails, in particular, will tease downhill enthusiasts with its gravity orientated elements such as jumps and drops.

On the other hand, the Central Balkan area is ideal for back country lovers with lots of wild all-mountain trails and stunning mountain views.