Mountain Bike Destination Development


Cycling, and mountain biking in particular, is becoming one of the fastest growing and most popular outdoor recreation activities in the world. The sport brings various social and economic benefits to those destinations and communities that decide to invest in the development and offer of services and products related to mountain biking.

How we approach it:
Mountain biking could be a very successful tourism product but it requires the development of specific and appropriate infrastructure and services in order to satisfy the diverse range of the rider’s abilities, needs and desires.

As any tourism product, in order for it to grow successfully, you have to develop a very clear and comprehensive strategy, involving each destination’s key stakeholders and unique resources. 

Thanks to our team’s vast experience and education in the field of active outdoor tourism, we can offer you a broad range of solutions that implement cycling and mountain biking tourism products and services, and will guarantee a successful and sustainable development of your outdoor destinations.

We can offer a range of services that can be useful for municipalities, mountain towns and resorts, hotels and guesthouses, recreational parks and areas!


Field Research and strategic planning 

    • Concept development and planning 
    • Terrain research and resource analysis 
    • Identifying and working with stakeholders 
    • Trail system planning and cost estimation
    • GPS mapping and visualisations 
  • Project creation and construction
    • Design and construction of various mountain bike and cycling trails and routes
    • Construction of soil and asphalt pump-tracks, skills areas and kid zones
    • Bike parks and trail center creation 
    • Reconstruction and maintenance of existing trails
    • Trail marking, sings and maps 
  • Marketing, events and services 
    • Brand creation 
    • Marketing strategies and social media advertising
    • Presentations, seminars and trainings 
    • Races, festivals and other events 
    • Media creation- brochures, photo and video materials
    • Development of Travel services and tourism products
  • Education and staff training
    • Mountain bike Instructors and guides courses
    • Trail building and maintenance trainings